News Release

News Release

Synergy by Association Endorses IP Services Cybersecurity and Managed Services for Critical Banking Systems

IP Services helps banks achieve compliance while protecting customer data by supporting and maintaining IT system availability and reliability

SALEM, Ore., June 13, 2017 – The Oregon Bankers Association (OBA), through its wholly-owned subsidiary Synergy by Association (Synergy), has endorsed Eugene-based IP Services to provide cybersecurity and critical Information Technology (IT) system’s management to OBA member banks. IP Services was awarded the endorsement following a meticulous due diligence process that included vetting by Synergy’s Emerging Technology Advisory Committee and Board of Directors.

Banks maintain sensitive information that they work hard to protect.  And as consumers and businesses rely more on electronic devices to bank and shop online, ensuring availability and security of evolving systems is critical to a bank’s success. The strict security and compliance standards required of banks also make operating IT more complex. IP Services solves these challenges by using an integrated set of processes and controls to ensure uninterrupted systems and business performance while adhering to strict compliance and security requirements.

“We are proud to endorse IP Services and look forward to helping our members better manage their critical IT systems,” said OBA President and CEO Linda Navarro, who also serves as the CEO of Synergy. “It is no longer feasible or economical for many banks to internally manage IT and security solutions that effectively and efficiently keep up with the constant change of the IT threat landscape. IP Services is the kind of partner banks want and need.”

“IP Services is thrilled to partner with Synergy and the Oregon Bankers Association to deliver our proven and unique IT managed services to OBA members,” said Scott Alldridge, CEO of IP Services. “We look forward to helping banks improve availability, comply with audit and compliance requirements, and bridge the gap between business and IT strategies.”


About IP Services
IP Services proactively manages clients’ cybersecurity and critical IT systems and applications in any datacenter using the VisibleOpsTM methodology and the quality control system we created called TotalControl™.  IP Services’ Next Generation Cybersecurity uses scientifically proven best practices to secure businesses and the users they serve by monitoring and protecting the systems and applications that are the heart of modern business – Managed Services and Managed Cybersecurity Services.  IP Services’ target market is best suited for small and medium size banks in the U.S. that lack the resources to effectively provide comprehensive IT management and necessary security and compliance services. To learn more about IP Services please visit


About the Oregon Bankers Association

Established in 1905, the Oregon Bankers Association is Oregon’s only full-service trade association representing FDIC-insured state and national banks and trust companies doing business in Oregon.  More information is available at

About Synergy by Association
Synergy by Association is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Oregon Bankers Association, providing trade association members with superior products and services through partnerships with industry-leading suppliers. More information is available at