Currently Hiring | Operations Technician

IP Services, Eugene’s premier data center and managed services provider, is looking for a full time Operations Technician in the Eugene area.

Eugene is a great place to call home just 90m south of Portland, with a great cost of living, an hour from the coast, and minutes from the pristine outdoors. Many IT people from Portland, Seattle, and the Bay Area have found Eugene to be the ideal balance of work and play.

At IP Services, we provide managed IT services to our clients, built on proven methodologies and best practices. We focus on doing that as awesomely as possible. We are a highly collaborative, team-oriented workplace. We’re nimble, technology forward, and process focused. We literally wrote the book on ITIL and Visible Ops:

IP Services is a managed services provider specializing in managing business-critical applications with high-availability and/or audit compliance requirements.

Position Overview:

The Operations Technician / Data Center Operator (DCO) is an entry level technical position that interfaces with multiple members of the Operations and customer teams on a technical and customer service level.

Operations Technicians are expected to be customer-focused and detail oriented, providing excellent service to the company and our company's clients with regards to the support of all computer systems in a data center environment. Operations Technicians must work effectively with clients, communicate effectively with IT executives, work effectively with IT professionals, and have the ability to inspire teamwork and cooperation. People skills that will directly impact your performance include empathy, patience, cooperation, listening skills, politeness, friendliness, courtesy, professionalism, and helpfulness. Also honesty, resourcefulness, perseverance, eagerness to learn new skills, and willingness to follow procedures are also required in this position.

Operations Technicians effectively and efficiently provide technical support for a wide range of IT applications, server platforms, networks, backup and data storage systems, database systems, desktops, and facilities-based systems such as power and air conditioning and physical security. In addition, Operations Technicians acquire new skills and knowledge needed to manage new systems.

Operations Technician responsibilities include implementing and maintaining data center infrastructures which includes installing, configuring, troubleshooting, and supporting multi-platform systems in a fast paced, 24x7, dynamic environment; racking and cabling servers. Operations Technicians provide task-based support for a variety of Applications, Servers, Storage Systems, Networks, Data Center Facilities and Desktop Systems. The Operations Technician should have a strong interest in growing their technical skill-set in the areas of Unix, Linus, Windows, Network or Data Base Administration. Development of these skills is required for advancement to the System Administrator level. In addition, Operations Technicians are responsible for applying IT process theory, including ITIL Service Support and Service Delivery process concepts, to develop and maintain procedures for managing the processes they are assigned. In order to apply this theory, Operations Technicians must first study assigned ITIL literature and demonstrate their command of the concepts and terminology of ITIL.

Minimum Qualifications

  • One year in corporate IT environment, customer support, help desk or equivalent experience
  • Able to lift/move 20-30 lbs of equipment on a daily basis
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision and manage multiple projects and priorities
  • Maintain high degree of self-motivation and independent decision making
  • Possess excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Ability and willingness to learn new technologies quickly
  • Ability to work with team members to implement solutions to meet customer requirements
  • Good base knowledge and experience with MS Office or equivalent applications
  • Can read and follow Visio diagrams
  • Experience with ticketing systems
  • Basic understanding of computers, hardware and software
  • Familiarity with internal workings of computer hardware, disks, CUP, memory
  • Basic level of experience with RAID systems
  • Limited experience with multiple operating system
  • OS and/or hardware certifications are a plus
  • Conceptually understand the Internet, data centers, circuits, routers, and firewalls

Technical Responsibilities

  • Data Center / Co-location Infrastructure Management including monitoring the physical environment
  • Racking, cabling, labeling of all equipment
  • Preparing space for server installation including shelf installation, IP requests
  • Configuration and troubleshooting of hardware, storage, backups/recovery
  • Documentation of process and procedure
  • Assist technical Operations Lead, System Administrators, engineers and others as necessary on projects or scheduling needs
  • Troubleshoot and upgrade hardware on existing servers (replace hard drives, power supplies and RAM)
  • Inventory control for servers, components and cables
  • Monitor electrical, HVAC, and other critical support systems
  • Troubleshooting/escalation procedures accordingly
  • Maintain accurate, complete records for system operations, task lists, problems and resolution updates
  • Adhere to all data center policies and procedures
  • Perform multi-media tape rotation including preparation for off-site storage, installing and removing tapes, and data restores
  • Attend to the monitoring system and alerts, respond appropriately
  • Escalate technical and facilities issues appropriately
  • Be A Value To The Team – However, Whenever, Wherever, Whatever (this is a time-to-time clause meaning that these responsibilities will change from time-to-time and because we are small and nimble you will be asked to fulfill a variety of roles and responsibilities).

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