The Oregon Bankers Association serves a dynamic, innovative and community-minded industry.

The dual-chartered system of banking, involving both state and national charters, is well utilized in Oregon.

It promotes a strong, competitive banking system designed to maximize service to Oregonians.  In all of our collective endeavors, the Oregon Bankers Association and its members strive to ensure that Oregon remains a great place to do business, and indeed, a great place to do banking.

Membership in the OBA signifies a financial institution's commitment to the principles of banking and the belief that more can be accomplished collectively than individually. One of the many strengths of OBA is the role it plays as a sounding board for thoughts, ideas and opinions from bankers across the state. Ideas are channeled from the general membership, heard, analyzed and acted upon. Bankers explore issues affecting the banking industry's day-to-day and long-range outlook, with OBA acting as the industry voice.