IP Services Endorsed by Washington Bankers Association

IP Services’ Washington Bankers Association Endorsed Solution Helps Banks Provides Data Security While Maintaining IT System Availability and Reliability

Washington Bankers Association (WBA) Professional Services, Inc. (PROS), a wholly owned subsidiary of WBA, has endorsed IP Services to provide cybersecurity and critical Information Technology (IT) system’s management to WBA member banks. IP Services was awarded the endorsement by the PROS Board of Directors in late March of this year.

Our member banks maintain sensitive information that they work hard to protect. When I talk to bank executives, virtually every one of them share their concerns about exposure to data breaches and the impact that such an event would have on their customers and financial and reputation costs that would result. The strict security and compliance standards required of banks also make operating IT more complex. One of the benefits of working with IP Services is that they have specifically created systems to meet the needs of community banks and will monitor your security full time, giving you peace of mind.”

Glen Simecek, President & CEO, WBA

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