Cloud Management

Do you want the benefits of the cloud, but not the risks?

Let IP Services show you how we can build secure, high-performing cloud solutions for your business.

Cloud technology has promised increased flexibility, agility, availability, shortened delivery cycles, higher resource utilization, and most of all simplicity.  You on the other hand, have experienced or seen the chaos that results from people instantly deploying systems, but without the processes and controls to ensure reliability, performance, security and most of all, alignment with your business objectives.

We’ve been deploying Cloud technology since before cloud was cool.  We can design and manage your customized cloud solution, and more importantly, virtualize many of your legacy applications to your on-demand cloud architecture.

Our Cloud Management service leverages the benefits of private, hybrid or public cloud environments to meet your business goals. And our quality control system, TotalControl™, enables us to customize and manage any IT service to improved availability while also reducing the cost of managing it.


Protecting critical information assets requires a proven, systematic and comprehensive approach.

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