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Started in 2001, IP Services is a complete technology solution provider.  We are 100% committed to making sure your business or organization is following best practices with our managed cybersecurity and IT Services solutions. Our team of talented IT professionals can solve your IT nightmares once and for all with our services and solutions.

Our History

picture of a two story brick building with blue skies and clouds behind it.
IP Services Headquarters – Network Operation Center – Tier 2 N+1 Highly Redundant Datacenter/Cloud

IP Services began its early operations as an advanced IP engineering team inside the Fortune 500 integrator, MicroAge. The group consisted of several hundred engineers, and service and support personnel who were responsible for architecture and implementation of large enterprise and carrier-class routed networks.

This team of highly talented engineers also developed various operations methodologies including innovative procedures and controls designed to optimize the performance of the technologies they used. After several successful years of operation, corporate management decided to separate the new group from the integration business and spun off a fully owned subsidiary called IP Services.

In 2001, the IP Services team built a Tier 2 N+1 Highly Redundant Datacenter and Network Operations Center in a strategically selected location in Eugene, Oregon. Company CEO, Scott Alldridge, had a vision to leverage his team’s experience and expertise to become the premiere Cybersecurity and High Availability IT Service Management provider for organizations that need rigorous management of their business-critical systems.

In 2004, IP Services co-founded the IT Process Institute (ITPI.org) to identify and study the practices of top performing IT operations centers across the country.

After doing extensive research and interviewing over 100 top organizations, including many fortune 500 companies, IP Services CTO and two of his colleagues wrote a book called “The Visible Ops Handbook”. This book is written based on the best practices in IT Service Management utilized by top IT shops in the country.

The Visible Ops book has sold over 450,000 copies, and has become the de-facto standard on how successful IT organizations manage business-critical IT systems.

Today, IP Services prides itself on its people’s expertise and experience, its well-defined integrated processes and controls, and its ability to use technology to help its clients enjoy the benefits of a reliable and predictable Cybersecurity and Managed IT Services without the associated headaches and costs.


Cybersecurity Protection Strategies, Engaging VisibleOps

In a world where cybersecurity threats are increasingly complex, organizations must adopt robust practices to secure their IT operations.

“The VisibleOps Handbook” series produced by IP Services, in partnership with the IT Process Institute, provides a framework to address these challenges, focusing on creating transparent and auditable IT processes.

Learn more about these risks in IP Service's Free Report: "Cyber Attack Primer".

We proactively manage clients' critical systems and applications in any datacenter.

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