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IP Services works closely with the IT Process Institute (ITPI) in development of IT related research to enhance our performance.

The ITPI is an independent research organization that provides information for IT decision makers that seek the highest levels of organizational performance.

ITPI's research reports are designed to give IT decision makers empirical evidence about what is proven to work and about performance improvement potential of practices identified in the studies.

The ITPI combines interviews and statistical analysis of survey data to identify top performers, and find out what drives their higher levels of performance. Research reports deliver comprehensive data-driven insights that help justify practice and process changes based on potential improvements of key performance measures.


Cybersecurity Protection Strategies, Engaging VisibleOps

In a world where cybersecurity threats are increasingly complex, organizations must adopt robust practices to secure their IT operations.

“The VisibleOps Handbook” series produced by IP Services, in partnership with the IT Process Institute, provides a framework to address these challenges, focusing on creating transparent and auditable IT processes.

Learn more about these risks in IP Service's Free Report: "Cyber Attack Primer".