Greycourt & Co., Inc. is an independent investment adviser with East Coast and West Coast offices serving wealthy families and select institutions.

Nearly every business day, Greycourt staff experiences workflow interruptions caused by information technology system failures. Work grinds to a halt, creating expensive loss of productivity. Greycourt outsources IT management to a third party.

There is little vendor documentation to validate the assertion, but Greycourt suspects they are receiving substandard services on out-of-date and insecure systems. Greycourt’s COO, Gretchen, and her team spend inordinate amounts of time managing the relationship with the IT vendor as well as the expectations (and disappointments) of Greycourt staff due to the perpetual instability and underperformance of IT.

Greycourt engages IP Services for assessing, repairing, and managing information technology.

Using the Visible Ops methodology, IP Services deploys experts in IT strategy, cybersecurity, networks, servers, and applications to evaluate the state of Greycourt’s systems. They find deficiencies corroborating Greycourt’s suspicions. IP Services creates a plan that addresses each shortcoming.

Additionally, IP Services begins a road map to move IT from tactical activities to becoming a strategic part of Greycourt’s business. Stakeholders vet and prioritize the plan. Then, IP Services begins making Greycourt’s IT systems and applications reliable, secure, and dependable. Once Greycourt’s IT ecosystem is stabilized, IP Services wraps its TotalControlTM system around the environment to ensure continued high performance from the technologies that Greycourt depends on.

Greycourt’s staff is thrilled about their improved technology experience.

Quantitative data demonstrates that the team works more efficiently and effectively than ever before. The Greycourt board of directors and executive teams feel better knowing that a
comprehensive cybersecurity program protects their company and their clients’ information.

Greycourt has a strategic vision for IT that includes driving increased revenue and margins and developing a road map to achieve that vision. Gretchen and her team are freed from the burdens of managing the IT vendor and answering to frustrated coworkers so they can focus on initiatives that bring higher value to the organization.

Greycourt is enjoying the results that come from performing cybersecurity and IT management “the right way.”



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“A Credit Union’s IT provider is critical in today’s environment.  IP Services has enabled Blue Mountain Credit Union to reach a new level of cybersecurity.”

Blue Mountain Credit Union President/CEO


"Our impression of IP Services is based on one major attribute: quality. They hire great people who are knowledgeable and take the initiative to provide high quality service."

Tripwire CTO

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