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The Hidden Dangers of Software Shortcuts: Lessons from CrowdStrike

By IP Services | - Jul. 19, 2024

In the fast-paced world of software development, shortcuts are often tempting. However, taking shortcuts can lead to significant risks, as evidenced by recent incidents involving CrowdStrike and end users rolling out software updates. When proper controls and processes are not followed—especially the critical stages of design, build, test, and deploy—both security and functionality are compromised.…

Massive Password Leak Raises Security Concerns for Businesses

By IP Services | - Jul. 09, 2024

Security Alert: 10 Billion Passwords Leaked Online A major security breach has emerged, with hackers uploading an astonishing 10 billion stolen passwords to a notorious crime forum. This massive leak, one of the largest in history, underscores the critical importance of robust cybersecurity practices. Businesses are urged to enforce password changes for all employees, enable…

CDK Global Cyberattack Causes Continued Disruptions for Car Dealerships Across North America

By IP Services | - Jun. 25, 2024

North America car dealerships are grappling with significant disruptions as CDK Global, a leading software provider for the automotive industry, deals with the aftermath of a major cyberattack. The initial incident occurred last Wednesday, prompting CDK to shut down all its systems to prevent further damage. Despite early efforts to restore services on Sunday, a…

Understanding and Protecting Against ShrinkLocker: The New Ransomware Threat

By IP Services | - Jun. 20, 2024

The Emergence of ShrinkLocker Recently, cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a new ransomware strain named ShrinkLocker. This malicious software targets businesses operating on older Windows operating systems, specifically those running Windows Vista or earlier. The threat posed by ShrinkLocker is significant due to its utilization of Visual Basic Scripting (VBScript) to infiltrate and encrypt corporate systems.…

The Case for Niche Cloud Providers: How Smaller Data Centers Offer Superior Cybersecurity

By Scott Alldridge | - May. 22, 2024

In recent years, the migration to cloud services has accelerated, driven by the promise of scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Google Cloud, one of the largest cloud providers, has been at the forefront of this revolution. However, a recent incident has highlighted a critical issue with relying on such large providers: the inherent risk of massive…

10 Things Great IT Providers Always Do

By IP Services | - May. 14, 2024

What sets high-quality, reliable IT support apart from mediocre or substandard support? Is it lower prices? Flat-fee service? At IP Services, we believe there are many deciding factors that separate even the good from the great providers, but when our clients switch from their old companies to us, we get the same feedback over and…

Cyber-Attack Takes Omni Hotels & Resorts Offline; Here’s How To Travel Safely

By IP Services | - May. 01, 2024

Another day, another cyber-attack! In early April, Omni Hotels & Resorts was the victim of a cyber-attack that brought down the entire IT system and led to a company-wide outage. The organization took immediate action and brought the entire network offline to isolate the issue, protect its data and prevent further damage from occurring. Unfortunately,…

What Is Bad IT Support Costing Your Business?

By IP Services | - Apr. 24, 2024

In our technology-driven world, efficient IT support is the backbone of any successful business. From ensuring seamless operations to safeguarding sensitive data, reliable IT services are crucial for maintaining productivity and protecting your bottom line. However, not all IT support is created equal, and the cost of settling for subpar services can result in expensive…

Scott Alldridge, CEO IP Services

Cybercrime Predictions from an Industry Veteran: Scott Alldridge

By IP Services | - Apr. 11, 2024

In the dynamic realm of cybersecurity, a shifting threat landscape demands attention. Join us as we hear industry veteran, Scott Alldridge, explore the evolving cybersecurity landscape, unraveling the threats facing organizations of all sizes and the imperative steps to fortify defenses in an ever-changing digital world. Who is Scott Alldridge? Scott is the President of…


Cybersecurity Protection Strategies, Engaging VisibleOps

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