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At IP Services, we closely follow research
on best practices from a variety of organizations including ITPI (IT Process Institute), ITIL and others.

The IT Process Institute is an independent research organization that provides information for IT decision makers that seek the highest levels of organizational performance. For those responsible for managing IT, IT Process Institute enables data driven decision making which is based upon the study of top performers and the practices that make them different. In using these best practices, we take advantage of proven methodologies that have been successfully implemented and used in top performing IT organizations.



IP Services works closely with IT Process Institute in development of IT related research to enhance our performance.


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Our clients count on us to help them reduce costs, improve performance and develop additional capabilities that will lead to their success.


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Learn the best IT management practices, build high-performing IT systems, research IT topics, and create the right solutions and services for your business.

Protecting critical information assets requires a proven, systematic and comprehensive approach.