North America car dealerships are grappling with significant disruptions as CDK Global, a leading software provider for the automotive industry, deals with the aftermath of a major cyberattack. The initial incident occurred last Wednesday, prompting CDK to shut down all its systems to prevent further damage. Despite early efforts to restore services on Sunday, a secondary cyber incident last Wednesday evening necessitated another shutdown, extending the disruption.

In a statement, CDK said, “CDK experienced a cyber incident on June 19th. We promptly launched an investigation with leading third-party experts and notified law enforcement. We have begun the restoration process. Based on the information we have at this time, we anticipate that the process will take several days to complete, and in the interim, we are continuing to actively engage with our customers and provide them with alternate ways to conduct business.”

The cyberattack has impacted over 15,000 car dealerships, including major US auto retailers Sonic Automotive and Penske Automotive, causing significant operational disruptions. CDK’s core dealer management system and digital retailing solutions were briefly restored but had to be taken offline again due to the new incident. Bloomberg reports that the attack has been linked to a group of hackers demanding millions of dollars in ransom, highlighting the increasing threat of ransomware attacks.

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