Visible Ops

The Visible Ops methodology is a comprehensive framework designed to help IT organizations improve their operations through structured process standardization and efficiency optimization. Developed by the Information Technology Process Institute (ITPI), Visible Ops provides a practical approach to managing IT operations, reducing unplanned work, and improving service levels.

The Visible Ops Methodology

Visible Ops is based on real-world experiences and best practices observed in high-performing IT organizations. The methodology comprises four phases, each focusing on critical aspects of IT operations management:

  1. Stabilize the Patient and Modify First Response: Establish control over existing operations by identifying and addressing the most critical issues. This phase aims to reduce unplanned work and bring stability to IT environments.
  2. Catch and Release, Find Fragile Artifacts: Identify and document fragile and critical components within the IT infrastructure. This phase involves mapping dependencies and understanding the impact of changes.
  3. Establish Repeatable Build Library: Create a library of standardized, repeatable processes and configurations. This phase focuses on ensuring consistency and reliability in IT operations.
  4. Enable Continuous Improvement: Implement mechanisms for ongoing monitoring, feedback, and improvement. This phase aims to embed a culture of continuous improvement within the IT organization.

IP Services and the Development of Visible Ops

IP Services, a leading IT consulting firm based in Eugene, Oregon, has been at the forefront of implementing and refining the Visible Ops methodology. Recognizing the challenges faced by many IT organizations, IP Services partnered with the Information Technology Process Institute (ITPI) to develop Visible Ops as a service for their clients.

Collaboration with ITPI

The Information Technology Process Institute (ITPI) is a renowned research organization dedicated to studying and promoting best practices in IT management. Through their collaboration, IP Services and ITPI have been able to leverage their combined expertise to enhance the Visible Ops methodology, making it more accessible and practical for organizations of all sizes.

Visible Ops as a Service

IP Services offers Visible Ops as a comprehensive service designed to help clients implement the methodology effectively. This service includes:

  • Assessment and Planning: Conducting a thorough assessment of the client's current IT operations and developing a tailored implementation plan.
  • Training and Workshops: Providing training sessions and workshops to educate IT staff on the principles and practices of Visible Ops.
  • Implementation Support: Offering hands-on support during the implementation of Visible Ops, ensuring that processes are correctly established and followed.
  • Continuous Improvement: Providing ongoing monitoring and support to help clients achieve continuous improvement in their IT operations.

Benefits of Visible Ops

Implementing the Visible Ops methodology offers numerous benefits to IT organizations, including:

  • Improved Stability: By reducing unplanned work and establishing control over IT operations, organizations can achieve greater stability and reliability.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Standardized processes and repeatable configurations lead to more efficient IT operations, reducing waste and increasing productivity.
  • Better Change Management: Improved visibility and understanding of dependencies help organizations manage changes more effectively, minimizing disruptions.
  • Continuous Improvement: The focus on continuous monitoring and feedback ensures that IT operations are always evolving and improving.

The Visible Ops methodology, developed through the collaboration between IP Services and the Information Technology Process Institute, provides a proven framework for improving IT operations. By adopting Visible Ops, organizations can achieve greater stability, efficiency, and continuous improvement, ultimately enhancing their overall IT performance.

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