Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

Cybersecurity Compliance as a Service (CaaS) provides comprehensive solutions for ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and safeguarding digital assets. Our CaaS solution is ideal for Financial and Accounting Firms following FTC Safeguards, Publicly Traded Companies regulated by the S.E.C., and/or companies needing to ensure they are compliant with requirements of their cyber-insurance policies. IP Services’ CaaS offers cloud-based tools and expertise to assess, monitor, and maintain compliance with industry regulations and best practices.

Our CaaS streamlines the complex process of cybersecurity compliance by automating audits, risk assessments, and documentation, thereby reducing manual eff ort and minimizing the risk of data breaches or regulatory penalties. This service equips organizations with proactive measures to continuously monitor their security posture, address vulnerabilities, and stay ahead of evolving threats, fostering a resilient and compliant cybersecurity ecosystem.

What You Can Expect From CaaS

  • Compliance Assessment: Assess your current compliance status and identify key requirements.
  • Custom Compliance Plan: Develop a tailored compliance plan with clear actions and responsibilities.
  • Policy and Procedure Optimization: Define your policies and procedures for regulatory and cyber-insurability compliance.
  • Risk Management: Identify and mitigate potential compliance risks.
    Monthly External and Quarterly Internal Cybersecurity Penetration Test: Testing using tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) cybercriminals, state actors, malicious insiders utilize.
  • Employee Training: Train your team to understand and fulfill compliance requirements.
  • Compliance Monitoring & Documentation:
    •    Maintain comprehensive compliance records.
    •    Implement ongoing monitoring and reporting mechanisms.
  • Incident Response Plan: Help ensure preparedness for compliance and/or security breaches.
  • Auditing and Reporting: Conduct compliance audits and generate required reports.
  • Data Security and Privacy: Help ensure compliance with specific requirements for protecting sensitive data with appropriate data access controls, encryption, and data retention policies.
  • Cyber-Insurance Policy Assessment (Quarterly): Evaluates your information security against current cyber-insurance questions to improve insurability and the likelihood of getting a payout.
  • Vendor Management:
    •    Support compliance-related assessment and screening of vendors, contractors, and other relevant third parties.
    •    Systematize vendor compliance assessments where appropriate to maintain accountability and security.
  • Regulatory Updates: Track changes in compliance requirements and update your compliance mechanisms accordingly.
  • Support: Provide continuous support for compliance issues and emergencies.
  • Status Reporting: Deliver regular compliance status reports to track progress and drive continuous improvement.

IP Services stands out as an industry leading cybersecurity solution provider, with deep expertise in combating the full spectrum of digital threats. With over 20 years of industry experience, our specialists are skilled in the latest cybersecurity practices, offering top-tier services such as network security, managed detection and response, and compliance consulting. We understand that every business has unique security needs, so we customize our robust protection strategies to fit your specific requirements.

With IP Services, you can rely on experienced professionals to monitor, detect, and respond to threats swiftly, ensuring your data stays secure. Focus on your business with confidence, knowing that cybersecurity experts are watching over your critical assets.


Cybersecurity Protection Strategies, Engaging VisibleOps

In a world where cybersecurity threats are increasingly complex, organizations must adopt robust practices to secure their IT operations.

“The VisibleOps Handbook” series produced by IP Services, in partnership with the IT Process Institute, provides a framework to address these challenges, focusing on creating transparent and auditable IT processes.

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Protecting critical information assets requires a proven, systematic and comprehensive approach.

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