Protect your customers and your reputation

Your financial institution deals with sensitive material, and you must ensure that your customers’ information and your assets are protected. You need to have an experienced IT compliance and cybersecurity company to assist and create a custom solution for your institution.

IP services literally wrote the book on implementing best practices for managing IT systems and cybersecurity – The Visible Ops Handbook, Implementing ITIL® in 4 Practical and Auditable Steps. You can have the experts work with your team to create a custom plan that fits your specific needs.

The threat is real: 30 attacks per second

Cybercriminals attack financial institutions at a greater frequency than other organizations at a rate of 300 to one, and the total number of threats that infiltrate financial organizations is around one billion times per year versus four million for other business sectors.

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and Visible Ops experts can help your institution control the four P’s that are necessary to run efficiently and effectively, People, Process, Products and Partners. The fifth P not mentioned is planning, which is the first step in ensuring that your company has protection.

Best practices framework is key

Effective implementation of ITIL should save your organization time and money, keep your customers and their information safe and improve processes. The ITIL framework encompasses seven key modalities that result in a comprehensive system that covers the end-to-end operations of your organization. You can read more by downloading the free guide here.

We work directly with your organization to incorporate and customize these seven modules for TotalControl™ of your cybersecurity.

1. Service delivery

Creating a plan that grows as your business does is an important first step for a successful ITIL framework. The immediate needs and long-term IT service improvements are assessed.

2. Service support

We provide ongoing support and service that includes system maintenance planning and how to run the daily operations.

3. ICT infrastructure management (ICT IM)

Our team of experts helps at all phases of the ICT IM from initial planning through the recommended ITIL processes of implementation, testing, updates and ongoing running and efficiency updates.

4. Planning to implement service management

Your team will need assistance in learning the new processes to help them with the organizational change. This also includes the actual change in processes and how you seamlessly incorporate them while still running your daily business.

5. Application management

Just as with products and services, software applications have life cycles that should be assessed and have plans in place for their end. We also help your return on investment by incorporating applications that work efficiently for your specific business requirements.

6. Business perspective

Your internal IT team and our team work together to make sure the system meets your business needs and that your business objectives are identified and understood as pertaining to the IT system.

7. Security management

Your system protection and processes on how breaches will be contained and managed are an important part of ensuring customer and reputations protection for your institution. This includes an assessment of “risks and vulnerabilities, and the implementation of cost justifiable countermeasures.”

Update your IT systems and cybersecurity now

Contact IP Services today to find out how we can help you benefit from the best practices framework for managing IT systems and cybersecurity.

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