How a Seemingly Innocent Spark Can Ignite Fire

You might be under the erroneous and dangerous assumption that because you run a small- or medium-sized business (SMB), a small oversight in your security system is not a big deal. The truth is that like the flat tire’s rim that created a spark that started the Carr Fire in California that burned over 140,000 acres, tiny sparks in the way of cybersecurity inadequacies can lead to large fires within your organization, especially if you are a financial institution.

The great news is, employing the expertise and best practices that IP Services offers can help identify the threats and help you implement quarantine methods if there is a breach. Whether you have a team in place or need a full revamp, we are here to help you.

Take TotalControl™ of Protecting Your Data

You are an expert in your field and surely have a plan of action to meet and exceed business goals. We are experts in securing your systems and data that allows you to take total control of ensuring the integrity of your customers’ information.

The average yearly attacks from cybercriminals in U.S.-based non-financial businesses is four million times, but the financial sector sees on average over one billion times for the same time frame! Our VisibleOps Cybersecurity Suite combines a full system integration approach in performing correlative checks and delivering actionable items using a best practices framework.

Keep Data Safe From All Potential Threats – Both External and Internal

There is good news for you – the traditional external threats are being caught at a good rate, though stopping 81 percent of attacks still means that you have to have the functionality to catch the 19 percent that gets through – keeping in mind the principle of just one spark and all.

The bad news: New threats are coming from within with more than 60 percent of the attacks coming from inside organizations. Hackers are also looking for new avenues to gain access to lucrative personal information and cloud services, and email and mobile devices are prime areas of attacks.

Only you can prevent forest fires – with the help of IP Services

You can stop the sparks from becoming an inferno that burns down your organization with a few easy steps and the help of a trusted partner and expert in cybersecurity. “A fool with a tool is still a fool” without proper implementation, and here are a few requirements:

Focus on the right things

Make sure that your IT system utilizes best practices in cybersecurity such as those outlined in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

Obtain proper IT controls and service

Even with security in place, 19 percent of attacks still get through. So you will need to implement continued updates and real-time assessment to prevent new types of threats from pushing through, and capture and resolve breaches that do occur.

TotalControl™ means your system has “proactive IT management and monitoring.”

Give your organization the ultimate security backstop

Your system should constantly be on the prowl, employing proper Integrity Verification and making sure accessors are safe and approved users. You should also use Event Correlation to identify and report risks by determining which device or user the breach occurred from.

Also, you could utilize Detective Controls, which constantly performs closed-loop assessment across your systems.

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