Today, disruption, change, and competition are the new paradigm for businesses. Not only are institutions being squeezed by growing costs and continued margin pressure, agile competitors are driving an imperative for businesses to become more open and agile too so that they can offer more compelling services to clients.

To address this, businesses are looking to find new ways to become more flexible, adapt to new markets and tap into pools of innovation across corporate ecosystems to expand their reach and streamline their digital strategies.

Cloud has become mainstream in business, and most businesses are searching for the optimal mix of traditional IT, public and private clouds. However, high performing businesses are counting on an enterprise-wide hybrid private and highly secure cloud strategy to stay on top!

With a well-designed private and secure hybrid cloud, businesses have the flexibility and benefits of both private and public cloud while addressing data security, governance and compliance.

Reduced Costs

Hybrid cloud helps businesses manage costs with greater flexibility by facilitating a switch from fixed to variable expenses. This shift allows businesses to focus on funding business initiatives rather than tying up investment in under-utilized capital equipment. In addition, ongoing maintenance costs are reduced, and server upgrades and capital requirements are virtually eliminated.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Hybrid cloud enables businesses to quickly provision resources as the need to scale arises, thus enabling them to provide solutions for business problems faster. This can greatly reduce time spent on problem solving too while enhancing the agility of businesses in response to constantly shifting market demands.

IP Services has been serving the business community for over 25 years and understands the requirements unique to businesses.

With this intellectual capital we have designed a highly scalable and secure Private Hybrid Cloud Solution just for businesses! 

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