It is a wonderful and joyful time of the year, but unfortunately, it’s also a busy time for cybercriminals to take advantage of you. 

The National Retail Federation (and IP Services!) would remind you of these simple precautions:

  • Keep a clean machine – make sure whatever device you use for online shopping has the latest malware updates.
  • Use secure Wi-Fi – it’s super convenient to shop while having coffee at your favorite spot, but using a public W-Fi is not cyber safe.
  • Lock down your login – use long and unique passphrases and multi-factor authentication when possible
  • Resist the urge – remember the old “if it seems to good to be true” – buy only from trusted and established online retailers
  • Think before you click – don’t open emails from unknown senders
  • Shop securely – look for that s in https in your browser address bar – sites without the s are not safe to submit payment information to
  • Pay wisely – use a credit card or pre-paid debit cared instead of a debit card linked to your primary account
  • Monitor your accounts – check your online financial accounts regularly for suspicious activity

And once you have shopped securely, have yourself a most wonderful Holiday!

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