As I am sure most of you are aware Apache released information in December concerning a vulnerability in their Log4j module. 

Apache’s Log4j (log for java) software library affects versions 2.0-beta9 to 2.14.1, known as “Log4Shell.”

  • Resolution of the issue requires patching to the current version, 2.17.1 (Java 8), 2.12.4 (Java 7) or 2.3.2 (Java 6), but as this is an embedded library the application providers must provide patched versions of the application.

Details on the Vulnerability Can be Found Here:

Guidance Can be Found Here:

CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency) has taken the lead on this and advise the following:

Immediate Actions to Protect Against Log4j Exploitation:

  • Discover all internet-facing assets that allow data inputs and use Log4j Java library anywhere in the stack.
  • Discover all assets that use the Log4j library.
  • Update or isolate affected assets.  Assume compromise, identify common pot-exploit sources and activity, and hunt for signs of malicious activity.
  • Monitor for odd traffic patterns (e.g., JNDI LDAP / RMI outbound traffic, DMS systems initiating outbound connections. 

IP Services takes all Cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities very seriously, we engage best of breed Cybersecurity monitoring, tools, and processes in making sure that our systems and our clients’ systems are secure.

We are constantly monitoring all processes and systems for any potential vulnerabilities and will continue to do so; as we have been.