Is there a difference between Information Security Management and Cybersecurity Management?

Short answer, YES. 

If your role is in information security, your main concern would be in protecting your company’s data from unauthorized access – of any kind.  Electronic and physical (think file cabinets, trash containers, shred-it boxes, desk drawers, etc.) 

If your role is in cybersecurity, you specifically protect your company from unauthorized electronic access. 

As you can see, in both cases, the protection of data is the most critical role. 

Subtle differences but critical no matter how you have designated the roles, that you have both Infosec and Cybersec specific duties and roles defined. 

Many organizations have Information Security, but may not have the expertise a Cybersecurity expert brings to the table.  Cybersecurity Management will have a very specific emphasis on electronic data and unauthorized access.  Cybersec could be a subset of Infosec.  While both roles experience change, Cybersec countermeasures require very frequent updates to deal with new threats (think ransomware) the time and expertise to bring attention to the changing cybersecurity environment can be quite daunting. 

Maybe it’s time to think about outsourcing your cybersec?