IT Service Continuity

How long can you be down before…?

IT service disruptions will create direct and indirect costs for your company and in the worst case, put you out of business.

Studies have shown that in the aftermath of a disaster, most small businesses will not recover. Larger businesses may recover over time, but will likely pay a heavy price from negative financial and operational consequences, not to mention loss of marketplace credibility. IP Services has a variety of proven IT Service Continuity solutions that take advantage of our quality control system, TotalControlâ„¢ to ensure your systems and applications are properly protected. We provide our clients with right-sized solutions from simple local backup and recovery all the way to having fully redundant infrastructure in diverse datacenters. These solutions mitigate the risk of service interruptions to meet your business goals.

IT Continuity

Protecting critical information assets requires a proven, systematic and comprehensive approach.

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